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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  October 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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now on fox 50 hurricane matthew moves towards the strength of the storm. >> and round 2 of the presidential debate. hear how they're getting ready. thank you for joining us. it's 7:00. i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm lena tillett. a lot of people want to know if
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very little of north carolina is in the cone of uncertainty. we are expecting a good bit of rain. we are not going to take a direct hit from matthew but it won't be a non-issue. moving through the bahamas towards florida with winds at 125 miles per hour moving faster than it was overnight last night. the satellite it moving to the bahamas and florida. once it makes landfall in florida which is likely, it will be strong but the rain won't be ahead of it, necessarily, but it will make landfall as a category 4 storm and winds at 145 miles per hour overnight and it will spread the impact all across florida to the west coast. 2:00 a.m. saturday, it's sitting off the coast of georgia and charleston
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overnight saturday night and into the day on sunday. we'll see rain here friday and saturday as well, and we'll talk about how much that will be in our viewing area in a few minutes. today, sunshine in places but overall, more clouds than sun. 68 at noon and a high of 72, and a few patchy showers later on today. but of course serving quiet right now. over to bryan mims talking about the road. good morning. the big concern is i-40 westbound at saunders street. make that gorman street. traffic is backed up all the way to saunders and rock quarry road. take a look at that stalled vehicle causing a problem on the inside lane i-40 westbound. you can see all lanes are gridlocked. traffic's barely budging at all. let's take a look at rock
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it's backed up. we're looking at a 38 minute trip from beltline split. you might want to take crown road or north of raleigh on the beltline to get around this but it doesn't look like it will clear up any time soon. a live look at the commute around the triangle. another accident backing up the traffic on i-540 at capital boulevard causing delays to lewisburg road. be mindful of that. lena and bill? >> thank you, bryan. as you can imagine, hurricane matthew is having a serious impact on air travel. >> the most affected is miami and fort lauderdale in florida. 400 u.s. flights have been canceled for tomorrow. along our coast. handover county leaders in
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reassess the way they are preparing for the storm. officials said that a more eastward movement is a better scenario for towns like wrightsville beach. but they are still concerned about high winds and surf and boaters are taking no chances, moving their boats out and people are moving furniture out of first floor homes and businesses to storm surge. meantime t attorney general roy cooper is telling people to be on the look out for storm- associated scams. >> legitimate workers will not call you or knock on your door and ask you for personal information like social security numbers or bank accounts. these are often identity thieves. >> cooper said some con artists travel from state to state to
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contractors who want to be paid upon front for work. you can find more on your wral weather app and donald trump and hillary clinton are in debate prep getting ready for the second face off on sunday. tracie potts has a look at how they're preparing. >> reporter: it's a tale of two candidates with very different ideas on how to prepare for sunday's debate. >> i'll do what i have to do. is behind closed doors with her team again studying policy. donald trump's doing just the opposite, going public, a town hall in new hampshire tonight, practicing sunday's format. >> didn't mike pence do a great job? great. he's a sharp guy. a great guy he is, too. >> reporter: pence isn't
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keeping him out front, and there will be 1 more session with the team including governor chris christie. >> my counterpart was serving up -- he was serving up an avalanche of insults. >> reporter: despite tim kaine's constant interruptions -- >> i got zinged even by my wife for interrupting too much. >> when won't defend the top of the ticket, i think that tells you everything you need to know. >> reporter: sunday will be different. half the questions are coming from the audience, testing the nominees' ability to go one-on- one and connect with undecided voters. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. l.e.d. lights can last longer. but can they cause health problems? >> what recent studies say about the impact of the brighter lights.
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will be closed on thanksgiving. will be closed on thanksgiving. er 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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narrator: what would sent to washington? yocut the debt?ere create some good jobs? you'd make people's lives better. in washington, richard burr has made his own life better. the insurance industry and wrote a plan to privatize medicare. the insurance industry would make billions, while you pay more. richard burr. twenty years in washington... serving himself.
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it's 7:09. mall of america will be closed this thanksgiving. >> we learn what's behind the change for the world famous minnesota shopping center. >> reporter: mall management explained thanksgiving day should be about spending time with family and not coming out to the mall to spend money. that can wait until black
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>> reporter: the owner of a specialty oils and wine shop was opening on thanksgiving night two years ago. she didn't like it, and nor did her employees who done want to work so the mall's decision, it's a big win. >> in the retail world, we don't get many days off. this is great news for us and it adds more excitement and magic to black friday. >> thanks giving is about >> reporter: the mall of america's senior vice president tells me that management management is sure this is the wrong thing to do. >> it started earlier and earlier. we wanted to give the day back to families. >> reporter: she explains that the mall has more than 1200 employees with the theme park and movie theater that is open
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year. though the building will be open on the holiday with a huge walk to end hunger and individual stores and restaurants can open for turkey day if they so desire. one former retail worker said she hopes the businesses follow the mall's move. >> if you don't have the seniority, you have to work that shift. you don't have a choice. so i'm glad that more and more companies are trying to value people's time, you know, >> that was paul blume reporting. >> the mall is discouraging thanksgiving shopping but they are going all out on black friday with a plan starting at 5:00 a.m. [laughter] you can now have secret conversations on facebook. >> how to make sure the messages are available on different devices.
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you really have to feel the folks in florida right now but i know here it's a nice looking morning. >> oh, yeah, category 4 making landfall in florida? i don't want to jump to any conclusions but you kind of think about andrew.
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>> '92? '96? >> '92. category 4 but they went back and looked at it, and it was kind of the same area, a little north of there. okay. let's take a look at what's going on out there. our satellite picture, of course, we zoom into that area and you can see the storm there. it's moving across the bahamas right now, and it may be destructive there as a category hour moving northwest at 12 miles per hour, faster than it was overnight last night, and there the, coming up the coast of florida and affecting folks there later this evening and overnight tonight and most of the day on friday. this doesn't make it look as bad -- this looks bad but maybe not as bad as it will be. the storm is very wide. the center of circulation is right here and just making landfall and riding along the coast and the impact will stretch all the way across the
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the worst destruction is right along the west coast. the path of where it's going to go will last such a long distance there. so a huge chunk of florida really seeing some destructive conditions in front of the storm. late saturday night into early sunday morning, you might want to look at this because we are mostly not in the cone of uncertainty. it's not we are going to se not likely to have a lot of damage but we will have blustery conditions. if you are planning to head to a football game on saturday it may not be very pleasant with 2 to 3" of rain around the triangle, not enough for devastating flooding but it may be down south where we had flooding last week. and we'll talk about that coming up. the forecast track continues to bring this storm around in a big loop.
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them do. the bahamas and possibly florida will be re-visited by the storm again, mid to late next week and that just seems crazy but that's looking at what is likely with the computer models. this is a look at the wind probability, and one thing we may see is gusty winds. the coast has a 50 to 55% chance of tropical storm-force winds. the triangle, a 10 chance and fayetteville, 35 to 40% chance and south carolina especially around charleston, it's more like a 75% chance of tropical storm-force winds. specifically, what are our impacts along the coast around the wilmington area? winds gusting 50 to 55 d rainfall 7 to 10" and likely to cause some flooding. they have a sandy shore there that tends to drain more quickly, and the outer banks, 40 to 45 miles per hour and
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we are seeing an interesting deck of clouds east of the triangle with this hole over raleigh making for a pretty view this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in the north and low 60s down south. let's talk rain for us. we bump up to 50% chance of patchy light rain this afternoon and friday, we'll have a better chance for rain, a 50% chance and certainly into saturday, 60 to 75% chance of rain. so our rain really starts to pickp rain with us on saturday, and here's a look at some of the totals from raleigh northward, 1 to 2" and 2 to 3" around most of the triangle and to fayetteville and goldsboro, 5 to 7", and that could be a problem for folks who saw flooding a week ago, and bryan, you have trouble on your hands as well, a few accidents and a lot of them causing backups.
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raleigh, the fortify zone, major delays because of a stalled vehicle on the inside lane of 40 before gorman. look at the red in the westbound lane. you are backed up beyond the beltline split. we're looking at a 44-minute drive from i-440 out to wade avenue. you will want to avoid this area if you can. plan extra time if you have to drive through south raleigh on 40. here's a look at the scene. all lanes another accident we're focused on, capital boulevard, not causing delays right now but as you head to the beltline look out for that. i-540, an accident at capital boulevard is causing delays with traffic blacked up around the bend. firefighters, paramedics on the scene, and one lane, traffic funneled into one lane on 540. a look at the drive times,
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through raleigh this morning. back to you. >> bryan, thank you very much. a growing medical concern could be right over your head. some health experts warn that l.e.d. lights could tribute to insomnia, obesity, and driving issues. tom costello has more. >> reporter: america overnight, blinded by the light from sleepless seattle to the city that never sleeps, new l.e.d. streetlights are popping up and keeping people up, changing the look of l.a. from mello yello mellow yell -- mellows yellow on the left to bright white. >> we see l.e.d. lighting as a potential health problem. people have sleep disorders which can lead to other problem when is they are exposed to a lot of blue lights. >> reporter: an ama study suggest that is blue lights
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from cardiovascular disease to cancer. the cost savings from l.e.d. lights could power 5.8 million homes for a year. it's important to keep the lights at a warm blow, 3000 kelvin, and the am a said it's not an appropriate solution for all situations. in gloucester, massachusetts, they w temperature on the 2800 l.e.d. lights. >> we didn't want to choose a streetlight with health risks for residents. >> reporter: l.a. also turned down their lights but seattle kept their burning brighter than is recommended. >> there is a lot less exposure from the streetlight than from your lap cop computer, computer, cell phone that you
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you go to bed. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. -- >> it shines right into our bedroom window. >> reporter: maggie hayward is considering new curtains. >> it's like the scene from "independence day." >> tom costello is reporting. officialssay that the lights themselves are not danger and how bright is too bright. we have to have it dark in our room to get up for the morning. facebook is offering a new way for secret messages, secret conversation on the facebook messenger app. if you are chatting on a secret mode on a specific smart phone, they are not available anywhere
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be deleted at the time that you set. more americans are consuming turkey bacon, this as turkey is pushed as a healthier alternative. consumption of turkey is expected to rise to 17 pounds this year. the first lady part in her final fall harvest at the white house. the first lady created this garden in 2009 during her first year in the white house and expanded to 2800 square feet. mrs.obama dedicated the newly expanded garden yesterday. we are expecting to hear from raleigh's bishop today.
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and how you can make a
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory.
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ars of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess. pat mccrory: not looking out for us. c1 stories. nc state police are searching for the man who robbed and stabbed a student on campus. they have released this sketch. the suspect stabbed a female student with a small knife and took off with her book bag in the varsity parking lot off western boulevard. a local red cross is preparing for hurricane matthew. they need volunteers. at the moment, more than 115
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local red cross officials need about 100 more volunteers. we have a new forecast track for the hurricane. let's check in with elizabeth. you can see it on the satellite. it has strengthened overnight with winds at 125 miles per hour now instead of 115 that we saw overnight. as we look at the forecast track, didn't change too much overnight. and it looks like it will make landfall in florida as a category 4 storm. little in north ca the forecast band but we're looking at heavy rain and impact with windy conditions and possibly flooding in the southern part of the viewing area. we have a nice hole in the clouds in downtown raleigh making for a beautiful shot. we're likely to have drizzle and patchy light rain. we get into the rain tomorrow, and it will be fairly wet friday and saturday with 2 to 3" around here. bryan? i-40 is a headache this morning through south raleigh. big delays this as you head
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there is a stalled vehicle on the inside lane before gorman, causing major backup. all lanes blocked there. it's like a 44-minute trip from the beltline split all the way to wade avenue. you are not getting anywhere quickly there. i-540, capital boulevard, traffic funneled into one lane and there are the drive times as you head in from garner. back to you. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me.
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coming up on 7:30. welcome back, i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm lena tillett. as hurricane matthew inches closer to the united states, governor scott is urging 1.5 million residents to leave and find a place that is safe. >> and people up and down the coast are feeling the gas pain, having a hard time finding fuel and prepare for a direct hit. >> there could be massive dislawks -- destruction that we haven't seen in years. >> and president obama is calling for aid in food and water. >> and south carolina visitors are heeding the warning to head west. people filled up with gas and joined drivers on interstate 26. all lanes are westbound as
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charleston and beaufort. bladen and brunswick county schools will be closed tomorrow, and pender county schools will be released two hours early, and there is a mandatory evacuation for ocracoke residents. meterologist elizabeth gardner will continue to track hurricane matthew for us and will have more in minutes. durham police are investigating a shooting that sent one person to the hospital. this happened at about 1:45 this morning at the bp station on avondale drive. policesay the victim was in the parking lot with gunshot wounds to the upper body. the victim is in the hospital. we don't have a condition just yet. no word on a motive. no one has been arrested. more testimony when the
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today. the student was driving drunk the wrong way in a crash that killed three people. >> wral's mikaya thurmond joins us live in hillsborough with what to expect today. mikaya. >> reporter: bill and lena, things will gear back up here at the orange county courthouse. we expect to hear more of the heart-wrenching testimony that we first heard yesterday. last july chandler kania was drunk and down interstate 85 who he collided head on with another vehicle. he pleaded guilty to felony death by motor vehicle and driving while intoxicated. but the jury will now decide if he suffer guilty of second degree murder. the families of the victims shared the last moments they spent with their loved ones.
7:33 am
her? >> reporter: defense lawyers asked the jury to rise above the emotion and anger in the case and deliver a fair verdict. prosecutors must prove he acted with malice to get a murder conviction. testimony will start in a couple of hours. we'll stream it live on and have an update on wral news at noon. bill and >> mikaya thurmond live from hillsborough, thank you. police need your help in finding a missing 74-year-old woman. no one has heard from carolyn fox since monday. deputies were called to check on her but she was not at her home. the investigation will be active until they find fox. she is 5'6", 118 pounds and has scars on her right knee. if you see her, contact the wake county sheriffs office. more fallout from house bill 2. the james beard
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not be coming to raleigh in january. the committee stated that the provisions of the law are contrary to the foundation that is known for prestigious awards to chefs across the country. today, bishop burbidge will talk openly about the move after 10 years here. burbidge will and answer questions from reporters. marines and sailors from camp lejeune are providing disaster relief to those impacted by hurricane matthew. the 24th marine expeditionary unit will provide aid and support to storm victims in the areas hardest hit by matthew. elizabeth is here to talk about that track. absolutely.
7:35 am
of a change overnight last night. we get a new advisory in from the national hurricane center at 5:00 a.m. and here's a look at what's happening with the storm, the wind intensity up overnight from 110 to 125 and moving at 12 miles per hour up from 10 miles per hour and, of course, taking aim at florida and moving through the bahamas right now and affecting florida through this evening overnight tonight and all day tomorrow. here's a look at the forecast track. it does move on shore as a category 4 storm and continues to make the turn away from north carolina and start to loop back down to the south. so by the middle of the week next week. it may be back down in the bahamas and hitting florida again. this is going to be devastating for florida, a category 4 storm that will impact a huge chunk of florida. we're not going to get a direct hit but we're looking at impact, some rain, potentially some flooding and gusty winds
7:36 am
florida. but don't be surprised if you see some impact on friday and saturday, and i'll talk about specifically what those are coming up in about 10 minutes. expect temperatures to be in the low 60s if you are heading out, 68 at lunchtime and a high of 72. most of the day will be cloudy with a few scattered showers later in the day. brian's here taking a look at the ro from clayton up to wade avenue in raleigh. there are significant delays. let me hone in on areas that are causing the biggest problem. it's just before gorman street on the westbound lane. there was a stalled vehicle there for sometime in the last hour, and you can see that all lanes are stalled, basically. gridlock there.
7:37 am
quickly there. look for alternate routes. tryon, u.s. 70 business possibly, and another trouble spot, i-540 at capital boulevard, a crash in the clearing stage but there is a considerable backup westbound. you can see gridlock around the bend and looking at backups so allow extra time on 540. here is a lo time through garner i-40 west, major delays. look at this, 38 minutes from 32 to i-440. 48 minutes, 48 minutes from i- 440 to wade avenue and from wade, it's only a 6-minute drive, and alternate routes, hammond, a better route. and highway 50 northbound, a 22- minute drive from highway 50
7:38 am
be patient if you are stuck in the traffic on 40 westbound. back to you. >> thank you, bryan. need to listen to calming music this morning. hurricane matthew could be a concern for nursing home patients. >> where to go if you are evacuated from an assisted living center. and a special guest joins us live to talk about technology to help seniors stay safe and independent. and here are th
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help us stay connected to loved ones. >> there are many devices specifically designed to help seniors be independent and safe. jim berry with the consumer technology association joins us live from arlington, virginia to talk more about this. many older americans want to stay in their homes longer. tell us about the technology that can help them do that. >> good morning, guys. we do want to be safe. this is great from phillips. this is emergency alert pendant. the new thing about this is you don't have to push that. if you take a fall or something it uses sensors to know whether or not you have taken a fall with an alert system to keep you in touch with emergency responders as well as with your family. so that's home safe from phillips. i have here a pendant or a wristband.
7:42 am
neck or wrist. this is lively wearable from the great call, those who brought us the jitterbug. and this is an activity tracker also. you can have an emergency alert and tracker all in one. >> reporter: how difficult are the new devices to understand are they pretty simple? >> great question, great question. that's the good news. they are easier and easier to use and all technology gets easier. especially these products and devices designed for those of us of a certain age. they have to be simple. otherwise, we won't use it. >> reporter: where can we get more information on where to find the devices and how to use
7:43 am
consumer technology association website, and it clinks to the company website. and you can follow me on twitter, @cta answer man. >> reporter: jim barry, sounds good. thank you very much. natalie portman plays former first lady jackie kennedy in an upcoming film. >> find out when it hits
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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time now, 7:45. we just learned that the
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conference to update the public on the state's preparation for hurricane matthew and we'll carry that live at 8:45. obviously, a lot of good information there to see how we'll be prepared for whatever hurricane matthew brings here. some people may be thinking, wait, what? we have to be prepared? we are not in the cone of uncertainty anymore but we'll still have impacts here in north carolina and even here in the viewing area. don't think this will be a non- issue. we will be of the morning of the impacts and go over them right now. let's take a look at what's going on with the storm, a look at the latest satellite picture. it's expected to impact florida as a category 4 storm, so devastating for folks there. it's sitng at a category 3 in the bahamas and the east side of the center of circulation is where the most damage is, so a
7:47 am
at 125 miles per hour and moving northwest at 12 and that brings it right over here near miami as a category 4 storm later this evening, and overnight and during the day tomorrow, up across almost the entire west coast of florida, but this is a huge storm. you don't get really the effects of that just by looking at the forecast. this will affect most of the state of florida. they have been evacuating people here in south carolina and even though it's not likely to major impacts of georgia and south carolina. our impact won't be as big. but we'll go over what they are. likely to have the storm offshore saturday night and then it starts the curve back down to the south and towards the bahamas and florida by the middle of next week. they are struggling to get over what is likely to happen here in the next 24 hours. the hurricane warning in effect north of miami up into georgia, a hurricane watch for parts of
7:48 am
and notice watches and warnings for almost the entire state of florida and tampa. they're likely to have impact from the storm as well. flooding and wind damage even on the east coast of florida. here's a look at the storm as it comes north. here's a look at the futurecast. we roll this to 7:00 p.m. with the center of circulation coming here on shore overnight tonight and moving on up through florida during the day on friday and then finally exiting jacksonville but hugging the coast of georgia and south carolina before making that turn to the right and pulling away from north carolina. but in the meantime, we end up with significant rain even in our area. the rain really picks up in intensity for us on friday and iss saturday, and the biggest flooding threat is the sandhill. a week ago, dealing with 10" of rain in spots so that will make
7:49 am
flooding. the wind, not going to cause damage but it won't be a pleasant day on saturday and sunday, dry, cooler and windy. we have a deck of low clouds we are seeing on the tall tower camera. today, mostly gray and mid to upper 50s in the north and low to mid-60s down south. here's a look at the rain we are likely to see later this afternoon, increasing clouds with more of an easterly flow and scattered light showers and the rain picks up in saturday. how much rain are we talking about? it picks up for us on friday and during the day on saturday. here's a look at the rainfall totals, along the coast, 7 to 10" in wilmington and southeastern counties, 5 to 7", and it will cause issues across our area especially down south. of course, bryan has his own issues with traffic this morning, a big mess in places
7:50 am
bryan, what's going on? yeah, got issues, i sure do especially on i-40 but i have good news to pass along. the stalled vehicle causing all the major backups on 40 westbound through south raleigh has finally been removed. we should begin to see the easing of the traffic jam through there. this stalled vehicle has been a problem for the last hour, tower in and a half at street. traffic is beginning to flow. this is where the stalled vehicle was. but traffic is finally beginning to move through there, and we can -- we can relax our -- or uncork the bottleneck there that has been such a problem. an alternate route is 70 westbound through garner and up
7:51 am
extra time. i-540 at capital boulevard. you can see all the delays there, the gridlock in the westbound lanes of 40. expect delays there. a quick look at drive times from johnston county through 70 westbound. a 28-minute drive compared to 48 minutes. >> bryan, thank you. some of the puppies rescued from county could be up for adoption. most are smaller breeds ages 6 and older but 2 are puppies. one dog is treated for heart worm. when they are available, the pictures will be posted on the shelter's website. vernon lowry was named cumberland principal of the year. she received her doctorate last
7:52 am
principal of the year from ab combs magnet. soon at the box office, you will get a look at the life of jacqueline kennedy. david daniel has the hollywood minute. >> reporter: academy award winner natalie portman is jacqueline that follows the iconic first lady in the days after the assassination of her husband john f. kennedy. the sphim already drawing oscar buzz. jared leto claimed many of his joker scenes were cut from "suicide squad," but he may have the last laugh with warner
7:53 am
blu-ray. zayne malik has had a break out year but not for best artist. he is not eligible for the grammy due to his time with one d. one d, even with all their success, never received a nomination from the academy. it's already time pumpkins. wral's smart shopper joins us to talk fall sales. and the best grocery deal this is week coming up in the
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m roy cooper...and my mom she was so proud to be usa north carolina teacher.l. she wouldn't have liked how we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay... 44th in per-student spending... or that governor mccrory tried to cut education funding it's why thousands of teachers are moving out of state. as governor, i'll make schools the priority again. schools my mom would be proud of. ? nothing like a good game of sports. competition teaches us a valuable life lesson.
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and be gracious and humble in defeat. ?
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the time now is 7:56. i'm lena tillett. our top story today hurricane matthew. elizabeth, where is it headed? to florida, and we expect to to do a lot of damage. hurricane warnings are up, and we will feel the impact later today and for most of the day on friday. it won't be just the west coast of florida. the east coast will have impacts, too. most of the state, the very powerful storm affecting them. the forecast track shows it offshore of north carolina at 2:00 a.m.
7:57 am
heavy rain and potentially isolated flooding with gusty conditions on saturday. the south hill skycam, looking gray, a cloudy day and showers that develop this afternoon, and then the rain picks up in intensity on friday and it will be wet on saturday, too, and we may have wind gusts in the viewing area at 20 to 30 miles per hour. nothing likely to cause damage but a messy day on saturday. bryan is here with a look at what's happening on the roads. and you conditions to talk aboutment. messy is the word, and it's beginning to clear up. and that's the great news i can report, i-40 westbound through south raleigh has been a sore spot for the last hour and a half because of a stalled vehicle at tryon -- rather gorman street but that has been cleared up with relief westbound 40. still some slowdowns, significant slowdowns around saunders street to rock quarry.
7:58 am
traffic just flowing through and not seeing problems at the moment. an alternate route if you want to get around the slow down 40 westbound and u.s. 70 west, give yourself a little extra time. back will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at now on fox 50, hurricane matthew is moving toward the united states, specifically
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florida governor rick scott is getting ready to address the media. elizabeth gardner is in our weather center, our hurricane center getting ready to detail the strength of the storm. >> absolutely. it's a category 4 storm and elizabeth, tell us how bad is it expected to be in florida? it will be bad in florida, most certainly. a category 4 storm making landfall in the next 12 hours or so, and we'll take a look that here. it's definitely not looking good for folks there. you know, conditions won't be as bad for us. we'll have impacts here and we'll talk more on that coming up. 8:00, the new advisory in from the national hurricane center, not much changed but in the 11:00 advisory we'll have a new


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